29 November 2015

straight from mother nature

Is this what karma is? ...what is karma ?

Its a beautiful day and all i hear everywhere is this one word KARMA ...
what is karma, ? what is this karma we all refer to? 

Most of us use it saying, 
when some one does something bad, intentionally or unintentionally, 
we often refer to saying that let it be karma will sort it, some of us say it  with an attempt, something wrong should happen to this person, for karma to take place , 
but isn't Karma , even now , even while i write this, 

all the concept of : 
what you sow, so shall you reap, 
what goes around, comes around, 

more of : 
when we say to others KARMA will sort them, isn't KARMA also sorting us, 
we tend to so forget in this busy world, we all do little bad be it intentionally or unintentionally, 
karma is within our all action and all our moments, 

karma is just a consequence of the action , the moment you put out to the universe i will wait karma will pay them, how do we forget we are also paying the same, ,
its more important to understand that every person is special, we all have some good and some bad within us , and that is what makes us human, 

even when a person does bad to you, always leave some kindness to offer them, these are the people who are in need of loads of love and attention, the more you talk of karma the more you seek revenge of others actions, its wise to leave it as what someone says and does has nothing to do with one individual, its just that many of us are so much in fear that we end up using the term karma so we don't get tagged to the wish of something bad should happen to the one who dis bad to us, we shall not forget, while we do so, we only invite more of the negative... 

always remember: 
if you helped someone , be grateful, that you had the opportunity to serve a soul, 
if you hurt someone , intentionally or unintentionally, take pride to ask for forgiveness, 
if you are stuck int he believe that someone used you, believe you had some past offenses to pay which you did, and don't pent over it, 

pain and suffering is everywhere,  even trees and plants feel when we cut them, 
every living creature , is special soul  on this earth serving its purpose, if we cant simply , we shouldn't complicate, 
every living being vibrates with the great rhythm of this universe , 
and the only rhythm is LOVE, 

For once 
no more karma, no more revenge, no more disguise no more judging 
only spreading pure LIFE ...... 

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